Expanded Depiction
of Design Process
Last Update: 2017.10.23

ŸDepicting Urban Provenance

Our cities are complicated. Designed artifacts are exposed to phenomena such as unexpected interactions with other artifacts, engagement by unanticipated people, and unpredictable changes of themselves and of the social contexts. To understand such phenomena, we develop a model for depicting such phenomena structurally and grasp urban provenance as a network of selfconscious and unselfconscious design activities. By expanding the scope of design with other artifacts, people, and time, we become able to analyze urban provenance from a wider and more longitudinal viewpoint than existing design studies.

œPresentation Materials in English
+ EDRA45NewOrleans Poster
+ IASDR2015 Conference Proceedings

ŸDepicting Workshop Process

Design processes are so complex that it is not easy to remember, reflect and record in detail after the actual processes are over. We propose a notation to depict a design process as a whole while keeping its original complexity in terms of visual and structural aspects. We use a design process of an actual design workshop as a case to derive the notation while using the online presentation tool "Prezi" as an interaction framework. We then investigated the depicted design process by re-experiencing the process as a first-person engagement using the designed notation.

œPresentation Materials in English
+ IASDR2017 Conference Proceedings